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Blink Optical is always trying to improve their customer service. One way to achive this is to offer great prices on our prescription eyeglasses. Another way Blink excels is selling the newest designer sunglass frames and eyeglass frames available. Take a look at a few comments made by our satisfied customers and you’ll know….Blink satisfies!.

“The glasses that I ordered arrived this afternoon; much more quickly
than I was expecting.  They look fantastic and are exactly what I was
expecting, never mind the fact that they were $200 less than the place
down the street from me where I’d first seen them.  I’ll definitely keep
you in mind next time I need frames.”

- Patrick


“My husband kept hearing about this place from friends and seeing their ads in different magazines and always wanting to check them out. Well I’m glad we finally did! Yuri & Stella are the best! First their selection is second to none. Yuri has an ability like no one I have ever bought glasses from to guide, educate and care genuinely about how the glasses not only look but fit on your face. His only goal is to make you happy with your purchase. I will continue to recommend Blink to all my family and friends!”

- Stacey

rayban woman

“Blink Optical is my new “go to” place for eyeglasses.  Great selection of glasses and sunglasses and the service is competent and friendly.  Yuri and Stella know how to treat customers like “family”, are always a pleasure to deal with.  I highly recommend them.’

- Bill


“I got the glasses today and they’re great. Thanks again for the assistance. I would recommend Blink to anyone.” 

- Joe


“I have successfully received the eyeglasses, and I am amazed! They’re a perfect fit, and the quality is simply unmatched. Thank you so much for your guy’s attention and commitment with this order! I’ve already recommended my peers to your site for looking for eyewear. =) You are all a pleasure to work, and I hope your staff knows it!” 

- Colby


“Yuri helped me out when I lost my 800 dollar danish “Blac” glasses. I ordered them online from him and he went out of his way to get the glasses to me in El Paso. He even texted me pictures of them and sent them on 2-day UPS to my apartment. Outstanding customer service. One of the only high-end retail glasses guys online. Will order from him again.”

- Michael

 “Thanks again for all your help. I put in the order on the website, so I think I’m all set now. I really appreciate you setting that all up – it was a cinch!”

- Jacqueline


Yuri and Stella have a great business here.  The selection of frames is outstanding, they always have the latest styles, and are excellent in guiding you towards the frame(s) that will look the best on your face.  Hubby is also very picky, and he is thrilled with his selections and the service.  Prices are reasonable, but this is definitely a high end store with the frames to prove it.  Service couldn’t be better, both Yuri and Stella are helpful, professional and ethical.  If lenses come in and they aren’t happy with them, they send them back until they come back perfect.  We could not recommend them more highly!”

- M


I tried to buy on line a fabulous piece I couldn’t get anywhere else. Stella was terrific over the phone and obtained the piece for me. Both Stella and Yuri were patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend them and buy from them again. They sell unique gift items …

- Adrienne