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Jack Harlow Wears Cartier Sunglasses

Jack Harlow Wears Cartier Sunglasses

Jack Harlow wears Cartier sunglasses. Recently seen during a Super Bowl commercial eating Doritos, Jack Harlow has become the epitome of high fashion. Cartier is known for it’s style and glam but the pair chosen by Jack is subtle and sleek and rimless. The...

H.E.R. Shines Bright at Superbowl

So unless you live under a rock, you tuned into the Super Bowl over the weekend and witnessed all sorts of hot fashion. Our number one pick for individualism was H.E.R. She positively shined though her rendition of America the Beautiful. She paid outstanding tribute...

Peyton Manning Wears Rayban Sunglasses

Payton Manning wears RayBan sunglasses.  Looks like Peyton Manning can’t even escape the simple allure of the RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses.  Does everyone own a pair?  If definitely seems that way.  What’s the big deal with the RayBan Wayfarer?  It’s...