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Robert Marc Sunglasses

By combining classic and modern elements, Robert Marc eyeglasses and Robert Marc sunglasses create timeless eyewear designs. Robert Marc has revived the art of the handcrafted eyeglass frame and subtly brands his Robert Marc sunglasses and Robert Marc eyeglasses with the trademarked Robert Marc hinge that is inspired by historical design and construction. This signature hinge adds distinction and luxury to each frame and unifies the Robert Marc eyewear collection.

The Robert Marc Collection is crafted with high-quality materials such as zyl (Italian acetate) and titanium. He is known for layering contrasting and complementary colors and patterns to create depth and glamour in each frame. Limited edition styles are crafted in small quantities and often incorporate rare and luxurious materials. While each frame is unique, Robert Marc’s seasonal eyeglass and sunglass collections are themed, reflecting Robert Marc's artistic consciousness and imagination. Please visit our Lake Forest boutique for a personalized introduction to the Robert Marc Collection.

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  • robert marc sunglasses 657 10bh icon black

    Robert Marc Sunglasses 657 10BH ICON Black

  • rmc p 657 186 a

    Robert Marc Sunglasses 657 col. 186

  • rmc.5015.10m.matte black

    Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC 5015

  • rmc series5.5017.jam.467

    Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC 5017

  • 168070 robert marc 794 rm sun 404

    Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC 794

  • Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC Series 5 5002 col. Grey Crystal

  • Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC Series 5 5002 col. Pink Crystal

  • Robert Marc Sunglasses RMNYC Series 5 5002 col. Tortoise