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Alain Mikli Sunglasses

Alain Mikli is an exciting and stylish eyeglass and sunglass collection. Each Alain Mikli frame is as unique as the person who wears it. Bold colors define both the Alain Mikli zyl and metal frames. Alain Mikli glasses are also known for daring combinations of metal and zyl. It’s also worth noting that Alain Mikli eyeglass and sunglass frames are extremely comfortable. Every frame is constructed with a springe-hinge designed to make each frame a custom fit for each wearer. Mikli frames are designer eye glasses. Alain Mikli glasses are hand-made in France.

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  • Alain Mikli Sunglasses A05027 col. F00213

  • Alain Mikli Sunglasses A05027 col. F0036V

  • Alain Mikli Sunglasses A05032 Leala col. 003/6G

  • Alain Mikli Sunglasses A05043 col. 003/87 3N