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Lens Options

Blink Optical offers their clients the highest quality in prescription lens technology. There are several different manufacturers providing a multitude of products and we have selected only the best to represent our lens selection. Feel free to call us or stop in for a personalized analysis of your prescription. We will do our best to pair your visual needs with the latest technology to maximize your viewing experience.

Lens Material

Blink Optical can offer you an array of lens materials to meet your visual and aesthetic needs. We can make material recommendations based on your prescription needs.

Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and thinner than traditional plastic lenses. Polycarbonate is also scratch and shatter-resistant. A great option for sports eyewear, kids eyewear, and everyday eyewear.

High index lenses are available for those who want the thinnest lens available for their prescription. We can make recommendations based on your specific needs as there are different indexes available.

Lens Options

Anti-Reflective Coating is a coating that can be applied directly to your prescription lenses.  It has many benefits including reduction of eye strain during prolonged computer use, reduction of glare for night-time drivers, and reduction of white-light reflection on your lenses if photographed.  Blink Optical offers only the best anti-reflective coating by Crizal.

Tints can be added to your prescription lenses for a variety of reasons.  A dark, solid tint can be used for bright sun protection, while lighter tints have benefits as well.  For example, a light rose tint can reduce eye strain for computer users while a light yellow tint can increase visibility for night-time drivers.

Polarized lenses are specialty sun lenses that reduce horizontal glare while increasing visibility and reducing reflection. Many sun wear manufacturers like Maui Jim and Oakley use polarized lenses in their sunglasses.  Polarized lenses are great for golfing, driving, boating, cycling, and running.

Lens Types

Single Vision lenses are prescription lenses used for one type of visual assistance.  Distance only and reading only are the most common single vision lenses, however, lenses can be prescribed for an array of specific visual needs.  For example, one may have a pair of computer lenses made if computer use is extensive.

Bifocal lenses are precription lenses that correct for two specific distances, distance and reading, in one lens.  The line seperating the two prescriptions is visible.

Progressive lenses are prescription lenses that correct for several focal points including distance, intermediate, and reading.  The prescription in the progressive lens “progresses’ from the distance correction to the reading prescription, assuring a smooth transition from focal point to focal point.  Blink Optical uses only premium progressive lenses such as Varilux and Shamir.

Specialty Computer lenses offer a visual solution for those who require intermediate and reading help specifically.  People who need to transition from an intermediate focal point to a near focal point (computer users, artists, mechanics, and musicians) frequently.  This lens has a wide area alloted to both reading and intermediate and is called Shamir Office.