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Johnny Depp Sunglasses

Johnny Depp Sunglasses

Johnny Depp has been in the news a bit more than usual lately. The star has seen better days. It's not uncommon for people to seek solace behind a nice pair of eyewear during times of stress. Johnny has always had impeccable style when it comes to eyewear. You may not...

Will Smith Wins an Oscar, Slaps a Friend & Wears Great Sunglasses

Will Smith Wins an Oscar, Slaps a Friend & Wears Great Sunglasses

Will Smith wins an Oscar, slaps a friend, and wears great sunglasses. It's been an exciting few weeks for Will Smith. He's managed to take his spotless career as Hollywood's "Nice Guy" and reduce it completely with one swoop (no pun intended). On the brighter side of...

Entourage of 7 Beacon For Christmas

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for that special guy in your life? Look no further! Blink Optical has a few Entourage of 7 Beacon sunglasses in stock. The perfect gift for anyone really. The Entourage of 7 Beacon has retro appeal with modern style. Highly...

Pete Davidson Wears Simple Sunglasses

Pete Davidson wears simple sunglasses. What does Hollywood's most sought after serial-dater wear on a sunny day? Basic, black, simple sunwear. This look is underestimated but always a classic. For a person with outlandish style, a subtle look can get just as much of a...

Justin Bieber Wears Beacon Sunglasses

Just when you think that you've seen the Entourage of 7 Beacon everywhere, it shows up on the most famous face of all, Justin Bieber! The Beacon first became popular when it was worn by Matt Damon in the movie Ford vs. Ferrari. It became the it frame of 2021. It now...

H.E.R. Shines Bright at Superbowl

Looking for the H.E.R. Super Bowl look? No worries, Blink has you covered. Check out the ic! Berlin Alley-Oop. Available at Blink Optical.

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