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Macaulay Culkin Is Back

Apr 13, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Macaulay Culkin is back! The kid who was the icon of our generation has reemerged as a pop culture phenomenon. He’s recently added a new baby to his family and has everyone reliving their childhoods. He’s also on the baseline of eyewear fashion.

Macaulay Culkin is rarely seen without his iconic “big glasses” so we decided to applaud it. “Big eyeglasses” have become the thing. It used to be big sunglasses but now everything has become big. Obviously prescription eyewear is paramount when deciding to wear frames but fashion should also be at the forefront.

The benefit of “big eyeglasses” is the accessory distraction. Anyone (including Macaulay Culkin) can wear big eyeglasses to distract and impress. Obviously everyone is going to recognize him, but Macaulay has taken the upper hand in forcing you to notice his eyewear first.

Looking to steal this trick! Look no further, Blink Optical has a multitude of Macaulay Culkin “big eyeglass” options. Check out Caroline Abram Carmen for a feminine take and the ic! Berlin Hannes S. for a more unisex take. Stop by our shop in Lake Forest or contact us for more information.

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