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Matthew Mcconaughey Hosts Quarantine Bingo

Apr 8, 2020 | Uncategorized


Matthew Mcconaughey hosts a quarantine bingo and the internet has lost it’s mind. It looks like everyone is suffering from a bit of quarantine boredom and some are making the best of it. Celebrity Matthew Mcconaughey has decided to share some laughs with some Texas seniors and host virtual bingo.

Best known for his roles in Texas Buyers Club and Dazed and Confused, Mcconaughey will now be remembered for his bingo skills and his big heart. Here at Blink we appreciate both and we are also immpressed by his eyewear choice. Probably needing a little help with reading small print and computer glare, Mcconaughey chose a crystal frame with anti-reflective lenses and looks great!

Want to steal this quarantine look? Check out Ben by Morgenthal Frederics eyewear. Causal and classic, this stylish frame is sure to be still in style once all these crazy quarantine days are over. Blinkoptic.com is open for business so stay safe and shop from home. If you need any assistance with your eyewear selection, please let us know.

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