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Tom Hanks Fights COVID-19 in Morgenthal Frederics Flynn Sr.

Mar 17, 2020 | Uncategorized


We’ve all heard the news by now. Bored celebrities are insisting on being tested for COVID-19. For the ones who are testing positive, they are again in the spotlight. Tom Hanks was one of the first to celebritize the the disease. He and his wife tested positive for the Coronavirus at an Australian hospital. Tom Hanks then publicly announced he was going to self-quarantine.

Luckily for Tom Hanks, he already had a great pair of eyeglasses to survive the desolation. The Morgenthal Frederics Flynn Sr. is the perfect frame to hide out in. Stylish and understated, the Flynn Sr. can dress up a frumpy old pair of home-bound pajamas in no time.

Tom hanks has gone into quarantine but our online store is still open. Stop by Blink Optical for all your social-distancing eyewear needs. If you want to “catch” the Tom Hanks look, check out the Morgenthal Frederics Flynn Sr. available at Blink Optical.

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