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Jude Law Wears Blue Lens Sunglasses – Sundance Fashion

Mar 9, 2020 | Uncategorized


Jude Law wears blue lens sunglasses stepping out into the streets of the Sundance Film Festival. The celebrity street fashion culture would like to be more spontaneous, but Jude Law knows exactly what he is wearing. Like most celebrities attending a famous event, Jude Law will step out dressed to the nines in what looks like a fashionable accident. Not so……These mini fashion shows are what the media is looking for and Jude Law does not disappoint.

Jude Law is wearing an interesting coat but that’s not what we are interested in. We want to know what he’s wearing for sunwear. Jude has hit the fashion mark with blue sunlenses. Blue sunlenses are the emerging new trend in fashion sunwear. The pair being sported by Jude’s famous face are dark enough to reduce glare and brightness but allow for indoor/outdoor use. Perfect for the Sundance Film Festival where fashion is called for in and out of doors.

Looking to copy Jude Laws’s blue sunglass lens look? Look no further, Blink has you covered! The Morgenthal Frederics Flynn Sr. is a great example of the blue lens phenomenon. Stop by our website or our Lake Forest boutique for more fashion sunwear examples.

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