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New Customization With Blac

Jan 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

New customization options with Blac eyewear and Blac sunwear seem to be endless. The manufacturer allows it’s account affiliates to create new and interesting color combinations, keeping the line fresh. This insures that Blink Optical is able to offer it’s clients unique and and custom eyewear.

Blink Optical is one of the few Blac eyewear accounts in the Midwest. We have stocked our shelves with Blac for years and will continue to do so as Blac is constantly re-inventing itself with new and exciting product. Blac is best know for being the first eyewear company to offer a full carbon fiber frame. Their unique production methods, combined with their dedication to using the best quality materials, has made them a favorite here at Blink Optical.

Looking for a full-carbon fiber frame or a carbon fiber combination frame. Stop by Blink Optical to view our wide selection of Blac eyewear. Blink offers an array of styles and colors to meet the demands of any eyewear connoisseur. Stop by Blink Optical today or contact for more information.

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