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Shapes Within Shapes: Caroline Abram

Dec 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

Shapes within shapes is the definition of the new Caroline Abram sunglass Dangereuse. The hexagon suspended in an acetate square cat-eye is a completely new concept in sunwear. Caroline Abram is on the cutting edge of fashion sunglasses. Known for creating designs that are both feminine and wearable, Caroline Abram is in new territory with the Dangereuse. The combination of color and thin profile keep stride with the expected look of an Abram frame but the shape suspension is a completely new look.

Blink Optical is constantly looking for new trends in eyewear and sunwear and we are currently obsessed with the new release Dangereuse by Caroline Abram. New concepts are highly sought and Caroline Abram has hit the mark with the Dangereuse. Blink Optical is an authorized Caroline Abram dealer with an array of new inventory. Click to view or contact us with questions.

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