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New Retro Inspired Cartier CT0152S

Nov 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

Cartier has long been recognized for its fashion-forward design and glamorous look. There is an entire following of fans who crave retro Cartier from a bygone era. This look has been capitalized on primarily by hip-hop but is now becoming more mainstream. Introducing the Cartier CT0152S shown in color 002. This particular Cartier can be wore as on ophthalmic with clear lenses, a sunglass, or a combination of both with a set of custom tinted lens. The possibilities are endless. The Cartier CT0152S has a gold-tone inlay in the lens rim and on the outer hinges. The tortoise color pops nicely with the shiny gold-tone lending the frame timeless, vintage appeal. From rapper to CEO, Cartier has something for everyone. For more information about the Cartier CT0152S contact Blink Optical, the premier authorized Cartier dealer for the Chicago area.

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