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New Fashion Tints Are No Joke

Nov 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

New fashion tints are no joke and seeing funny man Seth Rogan rocking a distinctive lime green tint in his tortoise shell eyeglasses proves it. Tints have long been thought of as for sunwear only. Not true! Tints can come in a variety of colors and intensities. Some are functional while other are merely fashionable. Seth’s lime green tint is the perfect combination of both. Bright tints like light green, yellow, and amber can intensify vision, increasing acuity and clarity. The color chosen for Seth’s tortoise frames was probably picked for the complimentary look but who wouldn’t want a little extra visual acuity.

New and interesting tints can make a pair of eyeglasses come alive and there is no end to the customization. Stop by Blink Optical in downtown Lake Forest or check out our website for more information. Your piece of the fashion tint rainbow is here waiting for you! Blink Optical also carries an array of tortoise eyewear including Monclear and Morgenthal Frederics.

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