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We Rise, We Fall

Sep 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Once again we must soon say goodbye to another season, and with that, that season’s designated fashion. As we move into Fall 2019, designers have begun to premiere their latest creations. And while there is much to say about current trends in fashion, the trends we’re most interested in are those reflecting the sun.

According to a recent article on Glowsy, the top designs as we head into the end of the year are as follows: connected shield lenses, oversized, bejeweled, geometric, top bridge, yellow lenses, round lenses, over-the-rim lenses, pale frames, cat-eye frames, aviator, brown lenses, and triangle lenses.

On our side of the fence, there’s almost no knowing who on Earth makes these decisions, and why. But if they insist on their choices, then of course we must oblige by providing our customers with the latest and greatest frames the oracles have deemed fashionable for Fall.

Not only do we carry the models and the frames listed above, but we also carry sunglasses (and eyeglasses) from many luxury eyewear brands that are unique and uncommon. If you see a brand you like but not the frame, get in touch. We can special order almost any model still in production.

Stop by the store or visit us online to see more.

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