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Maradona Right to Believe in Messi

Jun 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

As Argentina faced World Cup elimination in the Group Stage for the first time since 2002, previous Argentinian World Cup winner Diego Maradona rushed to the defense of current Argentine star Lionel Messi when it became clear that Messi was shouldering a lot of the blame for Argentina’s woes.

To Leo, I would like to talk to you and tell you that you are not guilty of anything, of absolutely nothing.

Which he then followed with:

I love you as always, I respect you as always.

Maradona, who managed Messi during the 2010 World Cup, opened the tournament with a cigar in his mouth and pair of flashy wayfarers shielding his eyes. And while much of the man’s behavior has been, well, questionable, during the tournament so far, there’s no denying that his belief in Messi proved correct.

The combination one-two punch from Messi and Marcos Rojo made for Nigeria’s undoing, ending their chance of being the first African team in the knockout round. From here, Argentina will face tournament favorite and Group C winner France. Only time will tell whether or not the team is prepared to go much further.

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