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Dwayne Johnson: A Man for all Seasons and Father Once Again

Apr 24, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Years ago, had you told me that eight time WWF/WWE Champion and two time WCW/World Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be one of the most bankable movie stars of the early 21st Century and a potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, I would’ve knocked you out until the men in white coats could arrive and take you away to your new, safer life. A life where you could say silly things all you wanted, outside the earshot of a fragile public. But now that we’re here in 2018, and things are what they (irrevocably) are, I must, and we all must, humble ourselves in the afterglow of a bygone ignorance.

By all accounts Dwayne Johnson is not only one of the nicest men working in show business today, he is also one of the hardest working. Only the briefest of glimpses at the man’s filmography for the last decade is enough to chart the proliferation of Dwayne upon us. And now, at 45, he is a father once more.

Indisputable as well is the status of “style icon” that being the star of a show like Ballers has bestowed upon him. Though he is most often sporting an aviator style sunglass frame, he has been seen from time to time in a wayfarer style frame, such as the Stewart or the Shepard from Anne et Valentin. Although, seeing as how Ballers is a show that takes place in Miami, we’re thinking he and a lot of others might appreciate a custom frame we’ve been working on at Blink Optical…

Dual color, rimless lenses.

Authentic White Buffalo Horn temples.

A limited edition custom Cartier frame, available only via Blink Optical. Authentic White Buffalo Horn temples bookend the rimless, dual color lenses. A cool blue fades slowly into a calm layer of fuchsia below to create what we call “Miami Sunrise“.

If you are interested in custom Cartier eyewear, call or visit Blink Optical today so we can create something truly unique with you.

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