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Off the Record: Acetate Frames and Record Store Day 2018

Apr 21, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Once again we find ourselves celebrating Record Store Day, the annual celebration of visiting shops occupied only by pretentious music enthusiasts and hipsters the other 364 days of the year. Or at least that’s seems to be the popular consensus. In reality, vinyl has been enjoying a healthy second wind as of late, and Record Store Day 2018 is drawing crowds in, well, record numbers.

Vinyl replaced discs made of shellac. Vinyl discs (vinyl being a shortened version of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC) are unbreakable during normal use, and have a low surface noise, unlike their predecessors, which were brittle and had a much higher surface noise. As the manufacturing process has evolved and become more sophisticated, so has the production quality of vinyl records. Though the composition of the discs remains relatively similar, PVC has come under scrutiny for its environmental impact. Which is why in recent years, studies have been done involving the combination of PVC and the safer, more biodegradable  cellulose acetate.

Now I know you know what cellulose acetate is. If you’re not sure, and you’re a glasses wearer, there’s the good chance the answer in the right in front of you. Cellulose acetate, also sometimes referred to as zyl by eyewear manufacturers, is a durable plastic material that many frames are being manufactured from these days. In fact, many of our most popular frames are our acetate frames.

Moncler, Face a Face, Lunor, and Caroline Abram are all excellent examples of acetate frames in our collection, but today is an even better opportunity to mention the newest addition to our family: Tehia, by Grosfilley France.

Tehia T50064, in col. 01

So if you’re out celebrating Record Store Day, check out the acetate frames at Blink Optical once you’re done with the vinyl.

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