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Everything Old is New Again

Apr 3, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As a friend of mine recently pointed out, everything old is new again. What was popular in the past has not only come back — for better or for worse — to entertain us, but has come back to show us not all fashion dies in antiquity. The ic! berlin Spring and Summer collection brings the classic conventions of yesteryear to the modern day with the strength and dependability of ic! berlin’s lightweight stainless steel construction.

Chichi (col. Shiny Bronze), from the ic! berlin Spring and Summer Collection 2018.

Pompom (col. Chrome), from the ic! berlin Spring and Summer Collection 2018.

Both Chichi and Pompom frames are exciting, nostalgic examples of ic! berlin’s commitment to their philosophy of dedication, independence, imagination, and craftsmanship. This spring, think Pompom as you walk through a world re-born, yourself re-born with a stylish, bold new look. This summer, think Chichi while you spend the day out on the boat, its mirrored lenses blocking the sun from your eyes more than that old pair of sunglasses you’ve finally left behind.

Like winter into spring and spring into summer, like who you used to be and who you are today, everything old is new again.

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