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Are Those Porsche Design Readers, Rihanna?

Sep 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Are those Porsche Design readers, Rihanna?  They sure do look the part.  Two things:  Rihanna is much to young for the half-eye reader thing and those tinted lenses are not big enough to protect from the sun.  They do look amazing but that’s about where their function ends.  This photo was recently snapped at the Cannes Film Festival where all the famous and trendy faces congregate to to look fabulous and weigh in on newly released films.  Rihanna looks great in her Porsche Design readers and has given us a great idea!  Tinted Porsche Design readers available at Blink Optical!  Any frame can be customized to serve the needs of our customers.  If you want the Rihanna Porsche Design reader look with the tinted lenses, stop by or call Blink Optical for more details.


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