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Jerry Seinfeld Wears Lunor Classic Panto

Aug 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Jerry Seinfeld wears Lunor Classic Panto.  Looks like another famous face is wearing a frame from the Lunor Classic collection.  Usually, we see the Lunor Classic Round but it looks like Jerry Seinfeld prefers the Lunor Classic Panto.  What’s the difference between the Classic Panto and the Classic Round?  Well, the shape is the difference.  The Classic Panto has softer flatter shape while the Classic Round is a perfectly round shape.  They are both in great demand and differ only by preference of the wearer.  Blink Optical is an authorized Lunor dealer.  Stop by and see if the Lunor favored by Jerry Seinfeld has the right look for you.

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