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Solar Eclipse Glasses

Aug 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Looking for solar eclipse glasses?  So is Blink Optical!  Unless you live under a rock (literally), you’re all immersed in the hype regarding the 2017 solar eclipse.  Well, the hype is well worth it.  We haven’t been able to view an eclipse in 40 years!  So it’s a big deal, for some a once in a lifetime deal.  Anyone in optics could have made a killing selling solar eclipse glasses.  Many public libraries were offering them for free to patrons in an effort to boost interest and safety.  Because let’s face it, staring at the sun is very dangerous.  Solar eclipse glasses have special filters which make it safe to view an eclipse, standard sunglasses do not.  Be sure to wear the appropriate safety glasses for the 2017 solar eclipse.


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