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George Clooney Needs Better Sunglasses

Jul 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


George Clooney needs better sunglasses.  His current shades are stylish but Mr. Clooney is more interested in hiding from the paparazzi.  With the birth of his twins, George Clooney is adamant about privacy and has gone so far as to threaten legal action regarding unwanted attention directed at his newborns.  Who can blame him?  His best bet is to go incognito in a large pair of sunglasses.  We invite George Clooney to stop by our Lake Forest location for a personalized sunglass fitting, no paparazzi in sight.  ic! Berlin, Robert Marc, and Morgenthal Frederics all offer large and stylish men’s sunglasses that should keep him on the down-low.  Stop by our boutique or shop online for all the latest in paparazzi-dodging sunwear.


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