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Maury Povich Wears Lunor 232

Jul 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Maury Povich wears Lunor 232.  Not only does is he the king of unwanted paternity tests, Maury is now a trendsetter in eyeglasses.  The Maury Povich Show is known for it’s outlandish guests and drama-filled interpersonal shenanigans.  Lucky he’s chosen to class up the show with the Lunor 232.  The Lunor 232 is part of the Lunor A5 collection.  Lunor is a German brand that is becoming highly sought after in the U.S.  Blink Optical is an authentic and authorized Lunor dealer.  We stock the acetate, rimless, and combination collections, including the very popular Lunor A5 232.  Even is you cant’s get through an episode of his show, you have to admit that Maury has classy taste in eyeglasses.  Check out the Lunor A5 232 at Blink Optical.


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