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Mattel Offers New Ken Doll With Geek-Chic Eyeglasses

Jun 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Mattel offers a new Ken Doll with geek-chic eyeglasses.  So the toy world has gotten into the fashion game and that means that the new Ken Doll has a new pair of stylish spectacles.  In one regard, it’s nice that the toy industry is promoting fashion eyewear.  From another perspective, the other new Ken Doll has a man-bun.  The use of eyeglasses is now viewed as a fashion accessory but still is a need for millions of adults and kids with vision issues.  Blink Optical offers several pairs of geek-chic, retro-inspired eyeglasses for everyone, except the new Ken Doll.  Check out lines like Robert Marc, Morgenthal Frederics, and Gold & Wood available at Blink Optical.  You don’t have to be an over-priced doll to be in style.

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