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Brad Pitt Is Single But Still Stylish

Jun 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Brad Pitt is single but still stylish.  If you’re feeling bad for Brad Pitt, don’t.  He’s doing just fine.  Yes, his very public divorce has been entertaining millions of people for months.  Yes, he’s been separated from his family.  He is still rich, famous, and stylish.  I know this sounds a bit base, but let’s keep things in perspective for the regular people.  Brad Pitt still has his style and that includes great taste in sunglasses.  Known for his love affair with Mykita, Brad broke this tradition to don a new pair of classic metal frames.  The best part is about the look is the denim blue lens tint.  This navy blue tint is hot right now as a trend that promises to continue into the next season.  For more information regarding this tine option, contact of stop in Blink Optical.


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