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Kit Harington Says Goodbye Game Of Thrones, Hello Lunor

May 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Kit Harington says goodbye Game of Thrones, hello Lunor.  Mr. Harington has enjoyed much fame derived from his role as protagonist Jon Snow on this amazing series.  When he’s not battling white walkers he likes to relax in a sensible pair of retro eyeglasses.  The pair he currently wears bares a uncanny resemblance to the Lunor 226.  Though we haven’t had a chance to ask Kit Harington where he gets his eyewear, we can tell you where to get a similar pair.  The Lunor 226 is available at Blink Optical in a variety of colors.  We can’t make you as famous as Jon Snow or Kit Harington but we can fit you in a sleek pair of Lunor 226 frames.  Stop by or call us for details.

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