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ic! Berlin Sets The Sunglass Trend For Spring 2017

Mar 10, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

icberlin.pulse.marina.chrome (1 of 1)

ic! Berlin sets the sunglass trend for Spring 2017.  A new season means new releases in the sunglass world.  Blink Optical is expecting to see lots of new inventory coming in the next few weeks, each designer putting forth their interpretation of the season’s trend.  This Spring, we’re bound to see lots of new stuff and also many new takes on existing styles.  Point in case, the ic! Berlin Pulse.  Yes, we’ve all seen aviators before, it’s not a new trend.  What’s new is that ic! Berlin packed a lot of desirable qualities in this one pair of aviators.  They have a mirror.  Mirrored sun lenses are hot and are seen everywhere.  The lenses are also polarized.  Being a German company, not all of their sun lenses are polarized but they chose to polarize the lenses in the Pulse.  It has a matte finish.  The matte finish is huge right now and the upcoming Spring season will continue to have a matte look.  The ic! Berlin Pulse can be seen as more of the same but it’s actually a new combination of all the current sunglass trends, setting it apart and above.  Stop by Blink Optical for more information.


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