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Beyonce Has Broken The Internet With Twins Announcement

Feb 3, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Beyonce has broken the internet with twins announcement.  A big congratulations to Beyonce with her expanding family.  Why is everyone losing their minds?  Beyonce is a phenomenon!  Music, fashion, sunwear….She does it all.  Blink Optical has done countless blogs on her sunglass savvy and she never disappoints.  Recently at Wimbledon she was caught wearing this fabulous pair of round sunglasses.  Nice and simple yet stylish and trendy.  There are several sunglass lines doing the round shapes, and a few doing the acetate and metal mix you see above.  For a similar look, check out the ic! Berlin S42 Wedding.  This ic! Berlin sunglass is a mix of high-quality acetate and stainless steel.  You probably won’t crash Twitter but you can definitely look fabulous.


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