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Miss Universe Performer Flo Rida

Jan 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Miss Universe performer Flo Rida has always been known for his extensive sunwear collection.  He wears it all from vintage to modern.  When he was asked to perform at the 2017 Miss Universe competition, we knew he was going to wear some pretty flashy sunglasses.  Blink Optical has showcased Flo Rida in previous write ups regarding ic! Berlin but his collection is much more diverse.  The sunglasses worn by Flo Rida in this Miss Universe promo are very reminiscent of a new ic! Berlin frame named Meike B.  During the actual show, Flo Rida wore a chunky pair of black zyl frames with heavy adornment on the temples.  We are still awaiting images of this frame so we can help our loyal fans purchase something similar.  If you want the Flo Rida look, stop by Blink Optical to view our extensive selection of stylish sunglasses.



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