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Mark Wahlberg Looks Smart In Nerdy Eyewear

Jan 11, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Mark Wahlberg looks smart in nerdy eyewear.  Lots of celebrities are sounding off on political themes but there is a growing movement of celebs that are urging Hollywood to quite down and focus of their craft.  One of the brave actors is Mark Wahlberg.  It’s refreshing when a celebrity can look smart and be smart.  Check out Mark Wahlberg in these classy retro eyeglass frames from his recent movie Transformers.  These frames have a serious Lunor look and can transform a myopic issue into a fashion statement.  Looking for Lunor?  Stop by Blink Optical to view the latest Lunor releases.  We’ll stick to what we know, eyewear fashion, and we urge Hollywood to stick to entertainment.



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