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Congratulations Janet Jackson!

Jan 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Congratulations Janet Jackson!  This pop icon just welcomed her first child….at the age of 50!  Luckily, we’re pretty sure Janet Jackson will have the nanny-power to withstand the demands made on a new mom.  Blink’s advice to all new moms, including Janet Jackson?  Invest in a really good pair of over-sized sunglasses.  Being a mom is tough and nothing hides the bags and sleep deprivation like a great pair of big sunglasses.  Ms. Jackson’s career has been a formidable one and we’re sure she’ll head into her new challenge just as fashionably.  Check out styles similar to the one worn by Janet Jackson at Blink Optical.  The Cartier T8200827 is a great example of this classic sunwear look.  Available at Blink Optical, an authorized Cartier dealer.


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