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Mariah Carey Keeps It Simple In Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Jan 4, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mariah Carey seen leaving the ABC studios

Mariah Carey keeps it simple in black cat-eye sunglasses.  Keeping it simple is good advise after the many mishaps surrounding her 2017 New Year’s Eve performance.  Apparently, nothing was going right for this A-list diva and she has become a bit of a joke on social media.  Keep your head up Mariah Carey….you still have your talent, fame, and great taste in sunglasses to sustain you through the relentless Twitter taunts.  When she’s not bombing on stage in front of millions, Mariah Carey prefers to wear sunglasses with a simple elegance.  Many manufacturers like Face a Face, Morgenthal Fredrics, and Alain Mikli design classic black cat-eye sunglasses, all of which are available at Blink Optical.  Maybe 2017 is not the year for Mariah Carey but at least she still has her style.  Stop by Blink Optical to check out several different black cat-eye sunglasses.


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