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Jennifer Lopez Moves On With Round Sunglasses

Dec 28, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Jennifer Lopez moves on with round sunglasses.  Looks like the unstoppable Jennifer Lopez has found new love and new style in 2016.  Rumors swirl about her and Drake but her penchant for sunwear fashion is no rumor.  Ms. Lopez is on point at the end of 2016 with round sunglasses.  Not just round but round aviator, arguably the hottest trend this year.  Many of the top designers have thrown their hat in the round aviator ring but Blink gives the win to ic! Berlin and their new release the Hubert w.  The ic! Berlin Hubert W. is round with the classic double-bridge.  It has a thin, sleek body with a shiny finish.  We wish Jennifer Lopez all the best in 2017.  Keep rocking the round as it will surely be the hot trend in 2017.


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