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A Turkey Wearing Eyeglasses – Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


A turkey wearing eyeglasses.  Do you know what happens when you Google “a turkey wearing eyeglasses”?  The image of Justin Beiber riding a scooter pops up.  Literally, that’s what I was researching when this photo popped up…..”a turkey wearing eyeglasses”.  This is not what we expected but we will go with it as Justin Beiber happens to be wearing round eyeglasses which are very hot right now.  Doesn’t quite put you in the mood for turkey but it does have it’s own flavor.  If you happen to be browsing for your own pair of round eyeglasses we recommend the Morgenthal Fredrics Lifesaver or Dom.  These zyl frames represent round eyewear at it’s finest.  Now, we don’t know why Googling “a turkey wearing eyeglasses” renders Justin Beiber but we can again applaud eyewear fashion prowess.  Check out round eyeglasses at Blink Optical.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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