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Climb To the Top With The ic! Berlin Glacier Sunglasses

Oct 12, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Climb to the top with the ic! Berlin Glacier sunglasses.  The ic! Berlin Glacier sunglasses are out of the world and made possible with ic! Berlin’s new technology, sunglasses made with 3D printing.  ic! Berlin has debuted it’s new material named Plotic!  The new Plotic! line features one of our personal favorites, the ic! Berlin Glacier in color Power Blue with Pearl temples and Swimming Pool Blue mirrored lenses.  This sunglass frame does not shy away from the ‘goggle’ look but, instead, embraces it.  Perhaps the look will encourage it’s wearers to jump into a new adventure or seek a chilly destination.  Here at Blink, we thought the ic! Berlin Glacier was the perfect way to invite the cooler weather and dress the part.  Stop by or shop online at Blink Optical for the new releases available from ic! Berlin.

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