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Daniel Craig Wears Lunor A6 246

Sep 12, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Daniel Craig wears Lunor 246 in tortoise.  You may know Daniel Craig better as his movie name:  James Bond or 007.  Daniel Craig is no stranger to fashionable eyewear.  He has been photographed wearing Mykita and Persol and, more recently, the Lunor 246.  The Lunor 246 is a classic and conserative style with a wearable shape.  Lunor is easily recognized for it’s vintage look and is a common choice for those seeking refinement and quality.  This obviously includes Daniel Craig, or more notably, James Bond.  Stop by Blink Optical to view the Lunor 246.  Blink Optical is an authorized Lunor dealer.


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