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P. Diddy Wears Round Sunglasses To 2016 VMAs

Sep 2, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


P. Diddy wears round sunglasses to 2016 VMAs.  P. Diddy also wore the contents of a pirates treasure around his neck but lets just focus on the sunglasses.  P. Diddy also known as Puff Daddy also known as Sean Combs is a hip hop icon and has the accessories to prove it.  P. Diddy is also a bit of a clothes horse and is known for following style trends and it looks like the round sunglass trend is not an exception.  This season we have seen an explosion in round sunglass releases from almost every high-end designer.  P. Diddy may be behind the scenes now but can’t nobody hold back his optical style.  If you’d like to check out similar styles in round sunglasses visit Blink Optical and our ever changing sunglass selection.


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