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Blink Optical’s Hottest Frame – Blac Superbanks

Aug 16, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Blink Optical’s hottest frame is the Blac Superbanks.  Blink actually upped our street cred and had the Blac Superbanks made to order in the limited edition colors carbon and sky blue. The Blac Superbanks has a wearable shape and is the perfect size for any prescription.  The Blac Superbanks is a full-carbon fiber frame.  It is lighweight and durable and reflects the new color pallet emerging in eyewear.  Blue has been this years hot color shade.  Everything from navy to electric blue has shown up on the designer eyewear scene and Blac has not been left out.  The combination of carbon and sky blue is a perfect compliment for the Blac Superbanks.  Stop by Blink Optical for a personalized look at this Summer’s hottest frame.


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