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Olympic Swimmers Eyeglass Style

Aug 10, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Olympic swimmers eyeglass style is in full effect and grabbing up the gold in Rio.  America’s other golden boy, Ryan Lochte, also brought home the gold for freestyle swimming.  Looks like the U.S. wants all the gold in the pool.  Ryan Lochte hit gold after the last Olympics and even scored his own television show.  The show was cancelled pretty quickly but we still remember his awesome frames, a perfect example of Olympic swimmer eyeglass style. There is more Olympic swimming to come from the 2016 Olympics but you can have the Olympic swimmers eyeglass style for years to come.  Check out Starck and Lunor, both available at Blink Optical.  Both designers have a similar style to the pair worn by Ryan Lochte.


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