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Bradley Cooper At Wimbledon

Jul 11, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Bradley Cooper caused a stir at Wimbledon recently and I’m not talking about publicly fighting with his significant other.  Yes, we know it’s all over the internet, but who cares?  Let’s focus on what’s really important….his amazing taste in sunglasses.  Both of these famous faces are adorned with wonderful sunwear.  Both Bradley Cooper and Irina chose great Wimbledon watching accessories.  Bradley went with a sporty, aviator-shaped sunglasses with a blue mirror and Irina went with a caramel, boldly-shaped pair with a brown gradient tint.  Both very different but both very fashionable.  Blink Optical has multiple new release sunglasses with both lens options.  Check out our selection on our sunglasses page.  Hopefully Bradley Cooper and his lady work out there differences but in the meantime, the sunglasses are fabulous.

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