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Clinton Untouchable…..In Robert Marc Sunglasses

Jul 6, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Clinton untouchable……in Robert Marc sunglasses.  Yes, it’s official!  Hillary Clinton scares everyone including the CIA.  Her street cred just went bananas.  Good thing she has impeccable taste in sunglasses.  Often seen sporting Robert Marc sunglasses, Mrs. Clinton understands the value of the heavy, plastic sunglass frame.  It hides a lot!  Hillary Clinton has gotten enough ribbing over her “leaking of top-secret emails” to last a lifetime.  Let’s focus on her amazing fashion sense.  Blink Optical is currently stocking the new Robert Marc Summer sunglass selection. Stop by our Lake Forest location to view the Robert Marc collection.  This blog was written on an unsecured server……read at your own risk!


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