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Kate Hudson Wears Mykita Sunglasses MMDUAL003

Jun 29, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Kate Hudson wears Mykita sunglasses MMDUAL003.  Known for her simple style and, more currently, her athletic clothing line, Kate Hudson always has great taste in sunglasses.  Her current look is the modern twist on classic sunwear.  The Mykita sunglasses MMDUAL003 is a bi-colored zyl frame with a retro shape.  Mykita is known for it’s innovation and the MMDUAL003 is no exception.  The Mykita sunglasses MMDUAL003 has the patented screwless and solderless hinge design which has become the functional backbone of the Mykita brand.  For more options on the Mykita DUAL line and to make a purchase, stop by Blink Optical in Lake Forest IL or shop now online at blinkoptic.com.


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