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Gucci Mane Wears Chrome Hearts Sunglasses

Jun 21, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Gucci Mane wears Chrome Hearts sunglasses.  We don’t usually get so gangster here at Blink Optical but we will pause to note that Gucci Mane is now a free man.  Mr. Gucci will soon be gracing us with his musical talents again, not to mention his daring tattoo offerings.  Gucci Mane is well-known for his musical prowess but lets take a minute to appreciate his fashion legacy.  Mr. Mane is always dressed well and his sunwear is no exception.  You may not be into the rap scene but you can’t tell me you don’t appreciate this pair of Chrome Hearts sunglasses.  We wish Gucci Mane all the best with his new freedom and we look forward to his new eyewear endeavors.  Blink Optical is your Northshore destination of Chrome Hearts sunglasses.




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