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Single Taylor Swift Wears Big Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Jun 3, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


So Taylor Swift is single…..again.  This time she wisely chosen to hide the tears behind some big cat-eye sunglasses.  Wait, tears?  No way.  She’s famous, rich, and extremely talented so there’s no need for tears.  Plus she just amassed plently of new material for her next album.  When will these guys learn?  We hope this last one took some notes on style, especially on her exquisite taste in sunglasses.  In the above photo she’s sporting head-to-toe black including big cat-eye sunglasses.  In mourning?  Ha, she’s just uber fashionable.  Taylor Swift will hold all comments until her next gold record drops and we get all the juicy details.  Until then, you can steal this look with the Face a Face Artie 2 of the Alain Mikli AL1413.

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