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Salt. Optics Taft Sunglasses Latest In New Trend

May 16, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Salt. Optics Taft sunglasses latest in new trend.  Not to be left out of the latest rage in sunglass style, Salt. Optics has band-wagoned right on to the round double-bar look.  Not that we are tiring of this design but it’s amazing how each designer thinks they have created something unique.  The Salt. Optics Taft is a great addition to this Summer’s sunglass trend.  They have combined Japanese zyl and titanium for a lightweight, retro look.  Of course with Salt. Optics…….there’s a backstory.  The inspiration of the Salt. Optics Taft is reportedly an homage to the 1980’s but with a modern twist.  Apparently, all that was old is new again.  If you’re really old you may even remember the 1980’s, tell your kids that and totally freak them out as that decade has become something of legends and mythology.  Blink Optical has all your Summer sunglass trends in-house and online.  Check out our selection of Salt. Optics.

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