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Prince The Ultimate Trendsetter In Round Sunglasses

Apr 26, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Prince the ultimate trendsetter in round sunglasses.  We hope you don’t mind, but in fact, we don’t care…..we are blogging about Prince all week.  Prince was the ultimate innovator in music but he was also the ultimate trendsetter in all things fashion.  Prince dominated the Eighties!  Anyone remember the movie Purple Rain?  Pretty sure everyone wanted to be able to pull off the purple velour suit with 4″ heels.  But no one could do it as perfectly as Prince.  He also set the bar high on optical fashion, wearing round, flashy sunglasses.  Guess what……round flashy sunglasses are all the rage right now….30 years later.  Is there anything this guy didn’t do first?  Round sunglasses are the hot Spring/Summer trend with major players like Mykita and ic! Berlin creating new and exciting styles.  Get ready for Prince fashion week!

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