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Coachella Sunglass Trends 2016

Apr 15, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Coachella sunglass trends 2016.  Were you worried that the Hollywood elite would be bored this weekend?  Don’t worry, they will be but they will all be together at Coachella.  Coachella has become the music festival to be seen at and, of course, all the celebrities are dressed to be photographed.  So what to wear to Coachella?  Something designer and hippie-chic and this includes you sunglasses.  Big and round sunwear is a must.  It’s all really typical festival wear and we are all very thankful that we see them in something different than the standard issue RayBan Wayfarer.  Luckily, Blink Optical has tons of round, retro sunglasses in stock.  Stop by Blink Optical for your Coachella sunwear needs.  We are not sure wear to get tickets or a designer crochet dress but I’m sure there’s somewhere in LA for a last minute cowboy hat fitting.

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