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Nicolas Cage Fights With Rockers And Fashion Tints

Apr 8, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nicolas Cage fights with rockers and fashion tints.  Well, there is some shocking news….wait for it.  Nicolas Cage got into a beef with Vince Neil.  This would have been awesome like 25 years ago.  Now the idea of aged actor punching it out with an over-the-hill rocker on the Las Vegas Strip seems comical and a bit of a publicity stunt.  More importantly, what is going on with this tint Nicolas Cage chose?  Here at Blink Optical, we would recommend a more soothing and calming color.  Perhaps a soft lavender lens tint to calm the beast in Nicolas Cage or maybe a relaxing blue lens tint to calm his nerves.  In any regard, we do not blame the panic orange lens tint for inciting the 2016 “Brawl of the Elderly” but it probably didn’t help.  If you need help choosing a tint stop by or call Blink Optical in Lake Forest, IL.

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