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More Athletes Wearing Retro Eyeglasses Without Lenses

Mar 18, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Here is another example of athletes wearing retro eyeglasses without lenses.  This one is quite obvious.  NBA star James Harden is going for the the retro eyeglasses look but forgot one important thing…the lenses.  Even if Mr. Harden has perfect vision, lenses can still be put in to authenticate the retro eyeglasses look.  In fact, a pair of polycarb lenses with anti-reflective coating and Transitions can offer this basketball star eye protection, glare protection, and sun protection, all without a prescription.  More important, the addition of lenses looks nicer, less…..silly.  Blink Optical has seen this rampant trend and has spoken out against retro eyeglasses without lenses for years.  If you want to effectively get the retro eyeglasses look check out our selection of RETROSUPERFUTURE eyeglasses, choose your style, and add plano lenses to your order.

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